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How it Works


A FreedomZone Hero member is an American business that publicly honors liberty and what it affords us. FreedomZone Hero members support the U.S. Constitution. They honor the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform and military veterans. They live by the Golden Rule and do unto others. They are grateful for their clients and customers.
FreedomZone Hero members understand the value of American freedoms and the opportunities given to all citizens. They appreciate their clients and customers who have similar values.
We are an online community of businesses that understand the value of liberty and the importance of honoring American traditions. Plain and simple. Our members believe that publicly honoring liberty and supporting men and women in uniform and who have served in the military, is the right thing to do.
Our goal is to improve your business and to secure your company’s reputation as an active and dedicated supporter of American liberties.  

1. Enlist today

It’s simple. Our streamlined registration process gets you signed-up quickly and ready to improve your business right away. JOIN U.S.TODAY Multiple locations can be added at a significantly reduced rate for each location.  

Signing up your company is a seamless process that gets your customized business listing page or pages up and running quickly in front of the trillion-dollar-a-year ($1,000,000,000,000) Veteran marketplace.  

Also, you will receive a FreedomZone Hero MANIFESTO and BEST PRACTICES MANUAL along with relevant CASE STUDIES and COMMUNITY OUTREACH TOOLS for attracting more veteran and military customers.  And as we develop them, your company will receive even more branding-tools to add to your arsenal. The renewable listing fee is billed annually.

2. Create Your Own customized company Listing

Creating your business listing on FreedomZone Hero is super simple. Just click on the “Register My Business” button and follow the step-by-step instructions. We’ve made it easy to enter in your Company name, address, business description, contact information, and as many photos as you would like with one form. Choose your business category (or categories), enter in as many details as you want, then submit your listing for a quick approval. And remember, you can edit and update your listing with more company information or photos whenever you want.

3. Creating "intrinsic value" for your Business

The ‘intrinsic value’ of being part of an online business community, that publicly honors freedom, is something that cannot be bought for any amount of money. Take a step in the right direction and become a FreedomZone Hero member.

Joining the ever-growing FZH online business community shows that you truly care about supporting American liberties and those who afforded us such blessings. It also shows that you care about your company’s survival. Our Team will work hard to create more recognition for your company. You can count on it.